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What is HR Process Automation?

Streamline your Human Resources Department’s procedures by using HR process automation to digitally transform.

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Human Resources is a critical department for any organization to operate effectively. While HR hasn’t historically been a particularly tech-forward field, digital transformation is sweeping the corporate world, and no department is exempt from the accompanying developments. With the COVID-19 pandemic popularizing remote and hybrid work models, it’s become more crucial than ever before to have streamlined processes and the appropriate tech to support them.

In the world of human resources, one of the buzzwords that has arisen as a result of the digital transformation trend is HR process automation. But what is HR process automation? And is it just a trend, or can it offer any substantive benefit to HR professionals?

The Definition of HR Process Automation

HR automation utilizes software technology to digitize and automate tasks. It is typically applied to low-grade, administrative, or time-consuming tasks in order to take low-level busy work off of the plates of HR employees. This is intended to give HR professionals greater capacity to devote to more important and high-level job duties.

The Applications of HR Process Automation

A wide variety of human resources tasks can be automated via HR process automation. For example, the onboarding process for new employees can be streamlined with HR process automation. This could range from automated welcome emails to a secure web portal that empowers new employees to independently complete their onboarding paperwork.

HR process automation is also great for financial procedures. Processes like payroll and benefits administration can be automated. This offers employees faster delivery of their pay and benefits, provides built-in checks for quality and accuracy, and helps keep private employee information secure.

Other HR functions and processes that are prime for automation include timesheets, time-off requests, performance tracking, expense claims, recruiting, taxes, and more. While HR employees are invaluable when it comes to strategic planning tasks and interpersonal job duties, HR process automation has the capacity to optimize workflows that don’t require human intelligence or emotion.

The Benefits of HR Process Automation

HR process automation is becoming increasingly standard for a reason—it offers a litany of concrete benefits. Surveys have shown that 80% of HR employees experienced a positive improvement in their attitude toward their company following the implementation of HR software. While enhanced employee morale and engagement is a benefit in and of itself, this is generally a byproduct of the other outcomes achieved by HR process automation. These benefits include:

  • Improved regulatory compliance
  • Mitigated risk of errors
  • Enhanced communication
  • Greater workflow efficiency
  • Cost savings
  • Achieving deeper business insights

Is HR Process Automation Right For You?

Scan-Optics is a team of leading experts in the field of digital transformation with extensive experience in HR process automation, robotic process automation, and working with human resources-focused clients. We’re here to help HR professionals find the right digitization solutions for their unique needs. Contact us today to begin your digital transformation journey.

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