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How to Use Digital Transformation to Outmaneuver COVID-19

Regain control of your business strategy by using these digital transformation solutions to outmaneuver the COVID-19 pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted every aspect of how we do business. Too often, we’ve all had to scramble to respond to new circumstances with makeshift solutions. If you’re understaffed, under-resourced, or otherwise struggling, digital transformation may be exactly what your business needs to turn over a new leaf. Even if you’re doing well, you could be doing better. Digital transformation can take you to the next level. Read on to learn about some of the different digital transformation strategies you can employ to outmaneuver COVID-19.

Maximize Your Budget

Digital transformation can help you make the most of a tight budget. There are several different digital transformation strategies that will benefit your bottom line in varying arenas.

One strategy is to save money on paper and all its associated costs by digitizing your documents. Instead of spending money on paper, filing systems, real estate, and various accessories that are largely wasted, reinvest those funds into your business. Digital transformation companies offer document conversion services that make it fast and easy to move all of your data into digital systems that cost next to nothing to maintain.

Another cost-saving digitization strategy is robotic process automation. Robotic process automation, or RPA, is a method of digital transformation that utilizes software robots that have been programmed to perform task sequences that would otherwise need to be manually completed by a person. RPA can be applied to tasks such as invoicing, payroll, onboarding, software installations, AR/AP, and many others.

While there are costs associated with implementing RPA solutions, robotic process automation is significantly less expensive than paying a salary and benefits for the employee who might otherwise complete those tasks. RPA allows you to save on labor costs without threatening your employees’ job security and allows employees to focus on customer success.

Remediate Staffing Shortages

With the labor shortage in full effect, RPA is useful for more than cutting costs; it’s also beneficial for companies that are unable to find enough workers. Some of your labor can be completed by bots instead of employees, allowing for increased productivity. Additionally, since being burnt out and overworked are two of the most common reasons that workers have been quitting, utilizing RPA can ease the burden on your staff and improve your employee retention rates.

Work Remotely with Ease

Digital transformation makes it simple to work remotely. Remote work has become typical in the industries where it’s feasible, but many companies have yet to work out all of the kinks of having a remote team. Digital transformation solutions streamline the remote work experience. The above-mentioned solution of document scanning isn’t just a useful way to cut costs. Having all company knowledge stored digitally ensures that all employees have easy access to the data and resources they need, regardless of their locations.

A digital mailroom is another solution that simplifies the work-from-home experience. With a digital mailroom, a company has the freedom to break their lease and go fully remote; there’s no longer a need to swing by the office once a week to grab your mail or to make the receptionist lug it all home with an outdated scanner. When you have a digital mailroom solution in place, your mail is scanned and sorted for you. It’s then sent directly to your electronic inbox. This allows you to manage your postal mail and emails conveniently from one digital location.

The Coronavirus has affected our budgets, our staff, and our work environments, but by digitally transforming, we can stay a step ahead of the pandemic. If you’re ready to thrive despite COVID-19, get in touch with us at Scan-Optics to begin your digital transformation journey today.

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