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3 Ways Digital Transformation can Address the Labor Shortage

Fight back against the negative effects of the labor shortage by arming your business with these three digital transformation strategies.

It’s only natural that, as a result of a pandemic, workplaces need to evolve to address the hybrid workforce’s need for improved technology, access to data, and digital workflows. If you’re a business leader trying to help your company survive with a limited staff or budget, digital transformation may be exactly what you need. These three digital transformation strategies are surefire ways to fight back against aging systems, lack of process automation, and a dispersed workforce in desperate need of data with as few clicks and calls as possible.

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic process automation can be an incredibly effective digital transformation strategy to use when addressing the effects of the labor shortage. Robotic process automation, often shortened to RPA, refers to the use of bots to perform repetitive tasks such as payroll, software update installation, and invoicing. RPA has an extensive variety of use cases and applications. When you implement RPA, you can automate low-grade tasks to lighten your staff’s workload.

The benefit of this is two-fold. With RPA in place, even if you’re operating with a skeleton crew, you can ensure manageable workloads and positive work output. This means that your employees will be better able to maintain healthy stress levels that don’t threaten their job satisfaction, thus improving your employee retention. It also means that even with fewer people, important tasks can be completed on time, allowing your business to function smoothly. Your workers will have more time to focus on priorities such as customer service.

Digital Mailroom

Digital mailrooms are an underutilized digital transformation resource that can have significant benefits when combating the current labor shortage. With a digital mailroom, all physical mail is sorted, scanned, and digitally distributed to the proper recipients. Mail sorting, scanning, organization, and distribution, when completed manually, is a laborious and time-consuming endeavor. For employees such as an office manager or a receptionist, a digital mailroom can be an incredible time-saver. They’ll have time freed up in their day to do other, more important work.

A digital mailroom can also impact the number of people you’re able to maintain on staff. It’s a resource that makes it easy to accommodate employees who need to work remotely. Perhaps it’s because they’re immunocompromised and unable to pick up their mail for the sake of health and safety. Maybe it’s because you expanded your talent search to other parts of the country and your remote employees are unable to retrieve their mail due to geographical logistics. Regardless of the exact reasoning, a digital mailroom helps to create a positive work experience for remote employees.

Document Scanning

Document scanning is a simple name for a comprehensive and thorough digital transformation method. With document scanning, all of your organization’s hardcopy documents, files, and records are scanned and converted into digital formats. They’re then validated, indexed, and organized into an easily searchable database.

This means that any information you previously would have found by spending up to an hour of your day looking for in an outdated filing system is now readily accessible on your computer. Document scanning simplifies organization, makes your work more efficient, and puts time back into your day. With all of your important documents so conveniently available, you and your employees will have more time to concentrate on getting work done and providing a positive customer experience.

The Workforce Benefits of Digital Transformation

The ultimate takeaway is that digital transformation saves time, unlocks speed, improves efficiency, benefits productivity, and boosts customer satisfaction. All of these factors lead to better work output, driving increased employee and customer retention. By digitally transforming, you can hold on to the employees you have and fill the gaps left by the ones you don’t.

If you’re ready to put these strategies into practice, contact our team of digital transformation experts today.

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