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The Operational Benefits of Digitizing Your Company’s Documents

When your company converts to a digital document management solution, your operations will experience all the benefits of digitizing.

Of all the different digitization solutions that are available, document digitization and digital document management are arguably the most beneficial to streamlining operations. Document digitization can result in measurable improvements in efficiency, productivity, accuracy, customer service, and employee satisfaction. When you digitize your documents, you unlock a newfound capacity to streamline processes and optimize workflows.

Save Time

When a company effectively digitizes its documents, it can be an incredible time-saver. 46% of companies report wasting significant amounts of time every day on paper processes and, per McKinsey, the average office worker spends 1.8 hours a day just looking for documents.

One of the major operational benefits of digitizing is that you can make the documents themselves searchable and store them in a digital document management system with an intelligent search function. This means employees can quickly and easily search for both complete documents and specific lines of text.

Increase Productivity

Once your employees can find the information they need to complete their tasks in mere seconds, they’ll be able to complete more tasks and refocus on critical job duties. Imagine how much more time they’ll have left to dedicate to revenue-generating activities when they don’t have to spend nearly a quarter of their workdays simply looking through filing cabinets.

Improve Customer Experience

When information is easy to access and your team is producing work quickly, that naturally extends to an improved customer experience. Empowering employees with the ability to find any file in a matter of seconds enables them to meet address customer requests in an extremely timely fashion. Customers will appreciate the rapid service and feel that they’re a priority to the business, which can in turn increase their loyalty to your brand.

Reduce Operating Costs

One major benefit of digitizing your company’s documents is the opportunity to reduce operating costs by cutting down waste and eliminating inefficiencies. Paper documentation systems naturally beget waste, not just in terms of the paper used, but also the space it occupies and the amount it costs. As much as 30% of all office print jobs are never picked up from the printer, yet companies are paying for the paper, ink, and printers to complete them all. Digitizing your documents gives your company the opportunity to cut wasteful spending and be more eco-conscious all at once.

The Benefits of Digitizing with Scan-Optics

Scan-Optics is a leading digital transformation solutions provider with over 50 years of industry experience helping businesses streamline their processes and optimize their workflows. If you’re interested in working with Scan-Optics to digitize your documents, contact our team of digitization specialists today.

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