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After a quick consultation, we'll work to understand your goals and pave the way toward a successful digital transformation in your company.

Digital mailrooms have become standard in many businesses thanks to their ability to replace traditional mailrooms. They represent cheaper, faster, and overall more efficient alternatives to sending physical mail. Modern digital mailrooms rely heavily upon automation and machine learning, which is where Scanoptics comes into play. By using our innovative digital mailroom services, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of a personalized, efficient digital mailroom. At Scanoptics, our digital mailroom services have everything you expect in addition to value-added features such as automatic classification of sensitive data.

How Scanoptics Provides Digital Mailroom Solutions

Scanoptics marries data digitization to automation and machine learning to provide an excellent digital mailroom. This lays in the same proven intelligent data capture and organization techniques that underpin other services the company provides. In the case of building a digital mailroom, we’ll consult with you and develop a tailored solution suited to the volume and type of digital mail you expect to operate with.

Benefits of Scanoptics Digital Mailroom

For starters, using the Scanoptics digital mailroom comes with all of the benefits you expect. For one, you’ll cut costs by automating much of the mailing process and eliminating much of the need for paper documentation. This digitization carries other benefits as well, such as the time and labor cost of human error. When documents go missing and a valuable employee spends minutes or hours hunting them down, that represents a considerable financial loss. As such, adopting a digital mailroom for your business means that you’ll experience improved efficiency thanks to the absence of these errors.

However, there are also more involved points where the Scanoptics digital mailroom improves on existing solutions. For one, it uses machine learning to assess the nature of content within correspondence. This leads to added value for the user in several ways, such as insurance that all messages are directed toward the proper channels.

Any documents that contain sensitive and important information along the lines of contracts and payments will automatically enter long-term storage. Additionally, automatic electronic classification of such sensitive documents will strengthen the security of your business. Compared to the potential for theft and human error in a traditional mailroom, this represents a boon to security. Leaks of sensitive information are an increasingly serious problem in the modern era. As such, the security that the Scanoptics digital mailroom offers is invaluable to avoid the reputation damage and financial loss that comes with such a leak.

The Ultimate Digital Mailroom Solution

A digital mailroom can cut down on paper waste, save time, and eliminate human error in correspondence in your business. All organizations thrive on effective communication, so you shouldn’t hesitate to integrate a digital mailroom into your business. When you’re looking to get started with a digital mailroom, get in touch with the Scanoptics team. After a quick consultation, we’ll work to understand your goals and pave the way toward a successful digital transformation in your company.

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