Scan-Optics Intelligent Data Management for Governments

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Government organizations labor under constraints and challenges that private businesses often don’t. For one, their budgets are often hampered by a lack of political will to raise taxes and pay for them. Since governments have vast responsibilities covering areas that are too complex for the market to handle, such as traffic safety, lack of sufficient resources can be a real challenge. However, this is why governments should look into Scan-Optics intelligent data management to economize on resources and boost administrative efficiency.

Why Governments Should Consider Intelligent Data Management

Virtually every government agency deals with tremendous amounts of data on a day-to-day basis. Legacy systems often work in an inefficient, man hour-intensive way that doesn’t make use of the advances of modern AI and data science. One of the strengths of Scan-Optics is that it’s easy to integrate into such systems and can solve many issues in the process.

Simplify Data Systems

Inefficient data storage in government agencies often creates so much redundancy that it begins to slow systems. Instead of building a new system you can engage Scan-Optics to Digitize, Organize and Optimize your data. Compared to the alternative of expanding storage space, hiring more people, or purchasing more powerful hardware, intelligent data management is a much more sustainable and affordable solution.

Lower Operating Costs

In the past, the only way to increase the capabilities of administration was to hire more people. However, there’s no reason why educated, expensive people are necessary to file and organize massive amounts of data. One recent study indicated that 46% of organizations waste significant time daily on paper-intensive processes. This kind of work is something that machines are inherently better suited to, and introducing data automation will make your existing organization much more capable than it currently is.

Government Use Cases for Scan-Optics

Analyze Traffic and Infrastructure

Understanding traffic and infrastructure usage is a matter of recording, organizing, and acting upon a vast, unending flow of data. By making good use of machine-learning driven data analysis, it’s possible to tackle this topic and identify points of inefficiency in traffic management. As of 2020, local governments have already used machine learning to reduce congestion and make streets safer.

Detect Fraud

Dealing with fraud is one of the principal challenges that tax agencies, social service programs, and other services face. Sorting through documents, finding inconsistencies, and launching an audit by traditional methods can be difficult and time-consuming. When agencies detect fraud, it may have already resulted in millions of dollars in losses. Intelligent data management services are invaluable for fraud detection thanks to their ability to automatically detect contradictions and points of suspicion in data. With the help of Scan-Optics, it’s possible to identify and take action against fraud faster than ever before.

Defense Purposes

Counter-terrorism, combat operations, budgetary concerns, all these elements of defense include tremendous amounts of data. By using intelligent data management, defense organizations can improve the understanding they hold of their own operations. This can improve the capacity for effective decision-making and ultimately save lives.

Learn More About Intelligent Data Management for Governments

These are just a few of the applications that Scan-Optics can offer to governments. If you’re interested in the potential of data management to help your organization, contact us today. We can arrange a consultation and answer all of your questions at a time that’s convenient for you.

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