Scan-Optics and PHA-Web Reach Digitization Milestone for Waterbury Housing Authority Project

Scan-Optics and PHA-Web have digitized 1+ million pages for the Waterbury Housing Authority, improving operational workflows + enabling remote file access.

MANCHESTER,Conn., June 22, 2023Scan-Optics, a global leader in intelligent data management, and PHA-Web, an affordable web-based management solution designed specifically for housing authorities, have digitized over 1 million pages of records and files for the Waterbury Housing Authority. This ongoing project will convert over 10,000 files including Section 8 housing, affordable housing, and business applications like vendor contracts and finance.

“Waterbury Housing Authority’s digitization project showcases the speed and efficiency at which modernization of public services can take place,” said Jeff Mitchell, CEO of Scan-Optics. “Through our partnership with PHA-Web, we’ve been able to quickly integrate these critical files into their fully automated system. As a Connecticut-based company, helping government agencies leverage technology solutions allows us to provide the highest level of service to state residents.”

The Waterbury Housing Authority assists over 3,035 families, and as a result, the agency accumulates volumes of paper files that are only accessible at their offices. After receiving a grant and allocating a modernization budget, the agency kicked off this digitization project with Scan-Optics and PHA-Web in February 2022. It aims to improve its operational workflows, reduce its real estate footprint, and enable remote file access and searchability of records.

“Implementing these digitization solutions has helped us create efficiencies that save our certification specialists approximately 1.5 to 2 hours per day. Also, by digitizing our tenant files with Scan-Optics and integrating them into PHA-Web, we have ensured compliance and streamlined our operations,” said Jennifer Yager, Waterbury Housing Authority Comptroller. “We're proud to have made this change, as it enables us to better serve our community while also improving our operations.”

“The Pandemic shed light on operational inefficiencies across many industries, and as a result, digitization services, especially in the public services sector, have increased,” said Scott Gleason, President of PHA-Web. “The Waterbury Housing Authority project provided the perfect opportunity for us to leverage our strategic partnership with Scan-Optics. This project proved that we can now meet our clients’ needs quickly and efficiently, and we look forward to future joint projects.”

Scan-Optics and PHA-Web recently announced their strategic partnership. Together, the companies strive to provide Housing Authority customers, like Waterbury, with solutions to seamlessly convert physical records and store digital files in a cloud-based operating system, improving record-retention, tenant communication and productivity.

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Scan-Optics is a global leader in digital transformation, intelligent data management, document conversion and business process optimization. With over 50 years of experience serving private, government and higher education institutions, Scan-Optics helps customers digitally transform their businesses by leveraging AI technology, machine learning and cloud-based solutions.

With a range of solutions, including information management, robotics process automation, enterprise content management and professional services, Scan-Optics helps customers energize data through its easy.forward™ platform. This proprietary platform helps promote speed, efficiency and data transparency within a customer’s work environment.

To learn more about Scan-Optics, visit and on LinkedInTwitterYouTube, and Facebook.

About PHA-Web/ Management Computer Services, Inc

PHA-Web is an affordable web-based management solution, used by housing authorities of all sizes, designed and developed by Management Computer Services, Inc. (MCS) to manage all aspects of PHA operations. It is written using modern programming languages such as ASP.Net, Javascript and HTML. The relational database runs on Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise Edition and can easily accommodate housing authorities of any size. For more information, visit


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