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Pitfalls to Avoid When Choosing Document Scanning Services

Make sure that your business needs are aligned with the document scanning services you’re being sold.

“Document scanning” is a phrase that’s often used interchangeably with a wide variety of services that are actually unique: document imaging, document digitization, document conversion, and more. In reality, the processes and applications for each are different. What you need will depend on your goals. You might be aiming to:

  • Downsize to a smaller office
  • Better engage remote or hybrid teams
  • Streamline internal processes and workflows
  • Archive and preserve valuable information
  • Enhance security and access controls 
  • Make large amounts of data more easily searchable

These are just a few of the possibilities, and you’re likely to be interested in more than one. But that doesn’t mean all of them are top priorities or worth the investment at this time. Keep an eye out for mismatched services and other pitfalls like the ones listed below.

Needs Don’t Align With the Services Being Sold

If you hope to avoid mistakes when choosing a provider of bulk document scanning services, start by paying attention to what you really need…and what’s really being offered. The services being sold may or may not align with the biggest reasons you’re looking for document scanning companies to begin with.

Sometimes a service is a “nice to have,” but not a “must have.” Let’s take a look at a few examples:

  • File enhancement solutions such as image restoration, color correction, de-skewing, and optical character recognition (OCR) are all value-added services. These technologies can significantly improve the quality of your documents, enhancing legibility, enabling digital indexing, and making your data more easily searchable. By using these advanced file enhancement solutions, you can benefit from a clearer and more professional look for your documents while optimizing the accuracy and efficiency of your data retrieval processes. These features are especially useful for organizations that need to work with large volumes of documents or frequently deal with complex data sets. By leveraging these technologies, you can streamline your workflows and improve the overall effectiveness of your document management system.
  • Document conversion services transform both physical and digital documents from one format or file type to another. Usually, the goal is to create more structured, usable, and uniform information while transitioning away from legacy formats and physical files. If your goal is to eliminate the hassle of unwieldy transactions or long searches for the right information, conversion can be a more effective solution than simple scanning. By converting your documents to a more accessible and organized format, you can improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of your workflows. This approach can also help reduce the risk of data loss or damage while making it easier to collaborate and share information with others.
  • Robotic process automation (RPA) is used in many different industries to automate tasks and streamline workflow processes. Scanning service providers who also work in information management or digital transformation may offer RPA as a supplementary service to accelerate invoicing, payroll, and other administrative tasks. If you're looking to optimize your productivity and free up your time for more important tasks, RPA may be an ideal solution for you. By utilizing RPA in conjunction with proper scanning and digitization, you can achieve significant time savings and increase efficiency within your organization.

These and other services can all be game-changers for the right company, but it’s not necessary to go for these solutions simply because they’re offered alongside document scanning services. It is important to evaluate the goals of your scanning project and prioritize the must-haves that will help you achieve them. 

Consider the specific needs of your organization and determine which features and services are most essential to your success. This may involve choosing between different levels of document scanning, file enhancement solutions, and other value-added services, depending on your unique requirements. By carefully selecting the services that align with your goals, you can optimize the value of your investment and ensure that you get the most out of your document scanning project.

Lack of Urgency Around Security

It would be easy to convince oneself that document scanning is a cumbersome and repetitive but essentially simple task that would be best to hand off to front-line employees and interns. However, this mindset can be a costly mistake, as the scanning process involves sensitive information that, if misplaced or compromised, can expose your business to significant risks. According to IBM, a breach of personally identifiable customer information costs organizations $180 per lost record.

Heightened attention to security measures is a must-have for high-volume document scanning services. Look for service providers that have strict protocols in place to protect documents both before and they’re scanned and digitized. Verify whether the documents be scanned on-site or if they will be taken to a secure facility with surveillance and controlled access. Avoid companies that treat scanning as a mere transactional formality.

Limited Expertise in High Volume Projects

Scanning in bulk is more than just having the equipment and personnel to do the job. High volume projects demand unique measures to avoid slowdowns, mistakes, and pieces falling through the cracks. 

An expert document scanning company knows how to provide efficiency, accuracy, and security on a large scale — and has the track record to prove it. Scan-Optics has the capability to scan over 4,000,000 documents a day with 99.9% accuracy and 95% faster processing than the average in-house task force. Make sure to check your document scanning service provider for specific prior expertise with bulk scanning projects of at least the magnitude you’re asking them to provide.

Scan-Optics is a leading provider of document scanning services with over 50 years of industry experience. We use our 32,000-square-foot facility to deliver efficient, precise results on even the largest bulk scanning projects. Contact us today to speak to a bulk document scanning expert with proven expertise.

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