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Intelligent Data Management: What It Is, How It Works, Its Importance, Examples, & Tools

Scan-Optics is dedicated to keeping your organization on the forefront of fast, secure and simple data management.

The awe-inspiring rate at which technology is advancing means more processes are becoming automated and handled by artificial intelligence and machine learning. It goes beyond simply archiving and sorting different forms of data as organizations continue to grow and take on more processes and procedures.

What Is Intelligent Data Management?

Intelligent data management takes the newest developments in advanced learning technology and implements them into your organization’s data processing systems. It prioritizes best practices for data management including strict user access, regular backup, data protection, sorting and archiving.

In addition to assisting with real-time data and form processing, intelligent data management helps protect against loss of data in the event of disaster with recovery management protocols. Users will experience seamless interfaces that simplify an otherwise complex management system without the need for additional IT staff and training.

Scan-Optics works with organizations of all sizes to provide intelligent data management software and solutions to help reduce costs and protect sensitive data that only needs to be accessed by specific members. By leveraging machine learning and AI, our platform is future-proof and ready to evolve as the scope of data management expands.

Protect Your Organization With Intelligent Data Management

As the access to data has become more and more prevalent, the processes surrounding how data is stored, how long it’s retained and how it can be used have fallen under various degrees of regulation. Staying compliant with these regulations ensures the safety of both consumers and organizations as there is a level of trust involved with sharing personal information.

Building these relationships on trust is vital to continued success as failing to do so can have hefty public image and financial impacts. Many of the regulations put in place come with steep fines for failing to comply. Often times these fines are on a per-instance basis meaning if 1,500 individuals were impacted by bad practices, your organization could face 1,500 instances of fines.

Overcoming Legacy Data Systems

As organizations change leadership or restructure departments, concerns that were swept under the rug previously are bright to light. All to often these include data management systems that were pieced together and only operable by the administrator who created it.

Intelligent data management helps provide adequate tools to take the existing systems and bring them to the present. Rather than attempting to integrate this older technology, which often leads to data loss, modern data management systems will process what’s currently stored and transfer it to the new platform.

Performance is another area that can’t be compromised. The expectation from professional organizations is one of speed, consistency and accuracy. Platforms that do “just enough” quickly drive down the user experience both internally and externally.

Stay Compliant With Relevant Tools

Audits and compliance checks from regulatory bodies also benefit from intelligent data management. Instant access to a well organized and archived source of data shows that information is stored where it should be with access being restricted to pertinent staff only.

Analysis reports help to validate retention policies and show the path forms and documents take before ending up in their final destination protected with the strongest security. Working with Scan-Optics and our intelligent data management solutions means access to our easy.forward platform that uses machine learning and AI to keep your data storage compliant as regulations change.

Intelligent data management is the present and future of how organizations handle data from acquisition to destruction as business and regulations deem fit. Scan-Optics is dedicated to keeping your organization on the forefront of fast, secure and simple data management.

Now is the time to see how much time, money and energy can be saved for everyone in your organization, not just IT and administrative staff.

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