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Intelligence Abounds: AI and Machine Learning Find Another Home in IIM

Don't let your team struggle to keep up with forms and processes, get started on a solution today with Scan-Optics.

Intelligent Information Management, or IIM, has made the transition from a digital record keeper to a data powerhouse capable of making internal processes automated and optimized beyond the need for human interaction.

In our new eBook with the Association for Intelligent Information Management, Create, Capture, Collaborate: Your Content Drives Organizational Value, we dive into the many facets of proper IIM and how teams like our here at Scan-Optics are enhancing the field to new heights. Being able to achieve the levels of accuracy and efficiency seen today requires the use and integration of both artificial intelligence and machine learning, AI and ML respectively.

Why AI and Machine Learning Work So Well with Data Management

Every organization whether in government, manufacturing, retail or even education will begin producing mass amounts of freeform data that can’t be structured in a way that the end user is able to search through. New IIM technologies aim to tackle that exact problem in a way that even the oldest of organization systems can transition into as more and more data is generated every single day. Peggy Winton, President & CEO of AIIM, talks about this in more detail in the new eBook.

“This [need to structure data] is especially the case where organizations are receiving documents through a variety of delivery channels. Organizations are realizing that processes simply cannot be automated until the unstructured information that underlies them is in a machine-comprehensible form.”

Where AI and machine learning excel in handling these vast amounts of unstructured data is by leveraging their capability of pattern recognition to find new meanings behind each form and data point. Our artificial intelligence teams take AI and apply machine learning to them, allowing them to create new sets of data to base decisions off of.

AI Makes Decisions Driven by Data and User Interaction

When you start to implement AI and machine learning into your IIM strategy, it’s important to remember that your existing users have to be able to utilize all systems as proficient as before. Proper integration is what makes this possible, allowing users to enjoy the same interfaces and systems they have grown accustomed to while the backend has been fully upgraded and is operating with more processing power than ever before.

Another key factor in a seamless transition to new IIM technologies is that the AI and machine learning systems don’t require any additional maintenance or actions to be taken by the end user. The learning technology simply observes to begin, picking up the patterns and links between cases needed to operate at maximum capacity.

Leveraging AI Requires Technological Insight

Technologies such as our Intelligent Data Management Cycle powered by easy.forward are able to be plugged in for users, making sure that your existing data is properly integrated and provide expert help if needed. These systems are able to operate fully on their own, but getting the most out of them means having the assistance of a team dedicated to providing your organization with the most accurate and efficient intelligent information management.

The reason most ready-to-use, AI-based solutions struggle to provide the same level of accuracy and efficiency as Scan-Optics is that there really isn’t a universal solution to IIM that can handle every organization as well as another. We take the time to get to know you, your team and your organization’s needs to help create a strategy that checks each box you’ve created. Don’t let your team struggle to keep up with forms and processes, get started on a solution today.

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