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One of the largest hurdles government agencies face is balancing internal processes and customer requests. Looking for a solution, many agencies have begun turning towards digital and third-party solutions that can offer the level of data protection needed to keep vital records secure and meet rigorous regulations. One of the first steps towards better document and request processing is a central hub for receiving, forwarding and recording all incoming customer requests.

Security Comes First with Scan-Optic’s Digital Mailrooms

While not all forms and documents contain Personally Identifiable Information, or PII, our mailroom facilities treat and every incoming request with the same concern for security that we would our own personal information.

Mail, faxes, electronic file transfers and form submissions can all be received and stored within our secured site that uses modern security measures to permit only the necessary employees within the building.

You Decide Who Has Access to the Documents and Data

One of the most beneficial features of a digital mailroom is the near-instant scanning and uploading of documents. No matter how quickly of a turnaround needed to meet an SLA, you’ll be able to rest assured that the forms you need will be available the day they are received.

The access of documents and forms can happen in one of two ways. The first is through integration with the existing recording and processing systems within the agency. On a custom schedule, scanned documents are sent via a Virtual Private Network, or VPN, meaning no one can access it while en route to your secured systems that use your existing protocols.

For the fully optimized agency using our easy.forward™ Intelligent Data Management platform, custom access protocols can be created to make sure designated users can access the documents with no delay while keeping intruders at bay.

Data Standards to Meet All Regulations

Having worked in fields that must follow heavy regulations, both private and government, our team understands the responsibility to meet these regulations as well as the steep penalties for failing to do so. As more forms and documents come through our intelligent system, it finds patterns to help decrease redundancies and increase SLA adherence.

Document retention is another vital part of receiving and processing customer requests. Once digitized, all documents are labelled and stored within a secure cloud server for as long as needed. Physical storage is also part of every mailroom, keeping original copies in perfect condition in the event of an audit or a need to move the data to another site.

Destruction of documents is also part of the process to make sure that anything containing PII is kept only for the required amount of time before. Destroying documents can be done per your requirements to ensure all regulations are met and all involved parties are satisfied that the data is no longer creating a liability.

Pairing Secured Data with Efficient Software

By using the most productive means of data security, our team can focus on working directly with you and your agency to improve workflow and eliminate excess time spent by your systems and workers.

Indexing and validating each document allows our program to find common factors amongst forms highlighting areas that could be redesigned and even forms that can be completely removed or combined with another. Customers and processors alike will find immense value in these little changes as they begin to stack up during the process of a workday when hundreds of forms per agent can come through.

Scan-Optics Provides All of the Above

We strive to provide a holistic solution to government mailroom and scanning infrastructure while using a more focused approached to data security and workflow optimization. Our AI-driven software that powers the easy.forward™ Intelligent Data Management platform handles the task of auditing procedures and finding areas of improvement for productivity and meeting SLAs.

Don’t let the technology you’ve been provided hold your agency back from the digital era. See just how Scan-Optics can, and has, helped government offices meet and exceed expectations.  Get in touch with us today.

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