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How Scan-Optics Powers Higher Education

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Modern educational institutions face a variety of challenges when it comes to providing the best outcomes possible. Students are often getting burnt out by a lack of accommodation in a one-size-fits-all system that doesn’t work for everyone. As the years go by, administrative costs for colleges and universities have also risen uncontrollably, which has led to the higher cost of education driving many students to drop out. However, there’s one promising resource that may be a solution to these problems and more; Scanoptics intelligent data management.

Why Use Scanoptics in Higher Education

Better data management, tracking, and automation is a powerful resource. So many problems that institutions of higher education face are essentially problems of inadequate data. Growing numbers of administrative staff, a lack of student personalization, and warning signs going unnoticed before a student drops out; data can help higher education combat all of these problems.

The Scanoptics system is simple and based on a processing facility that is capable of handling over 4,000,000 images daily to quickly, reliably, and securely digitize your paperwork. However, that’s not where the services stop. Instead, we’ll help your institution create automated workflows and an organizational system that makes sense. We work hand in hand with our partners so they can utilize the full potential of data and machine learning to solve all sorts of problems.

Reduce Administrative Bloat

As university operations have become increasingly complex, growing numbers of administrative staff have become necessary. Automating paperwork and rote, repetitive tasks has the potential to halt or even reverse this trend, saving money for colleges and universities while reducing human error and operating more securely. This has the added benefit of boosting overall efficiency, as machine learning applications generally perform such roles better than humans do and free people up to focus on more creative, person-oriented work.

Organize Financial Aid

In many cases, an advance or microloan could conceivably allow a student to make it through the semester and avoid dropping out. While it’s possible for bureaucracy and means-testing to choke any such program until it’s useless or easily abused, effective use of data opens up the possibility of personalized, fast-acting financial aid programs.

Power Automated Student Support Models

In the past, universities have had limited resources in their ability to detect student burnout. GPA and attendance are useful data points to track the well-being of students, but these metrics likely only drop when problems have already progressed to a serious extent. Modern data management and collection can help university staff be dynamic and proactive in a way that was never possible before.

Drive Personalized Education Solutions

There are all sorts of reasons that students can start to slip. Sometimes, they’re struggling and need extra tutoring while others advance too quickly and feel disinterested. In both cases, it’s possible to gain information on how individual students learn best as to track their performance and engagement levels through modern data science. By doing so, educators will be able to keep students on a path for success. There are many other ways that Scanoptics data management can empower educators, such as powering automated chatbots that can instantly answer questions that students have.

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If you’re interested in learning how intelligent data management can help your college or university run more effectively, you’re in the right place. Get in touch with the Scanoptics team to learn more and arrange to introduce Scanoptics to your data systems.

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