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How Human Resources Departments Can Utilize Intelligent Data Management

The Scanoptics team is always ready to answer questions and help introduce a new client to the potential of data.

Human Resource departments constitute some of the most data-rich sectors in modern business. Employee reviews, internal correspondence, promotion trends, and virtually everything else these departments handle constitutes valuable data. However, HR often spends more time struggling under the weight of all this data than proactively analyzing it. As time goes by, documents piling up, requiring more storage space, and becoming hard to manage can make departments grow inefficient and error-prone. This is where intelligent data management and Scanoptics come into play. In integrated process, Scanoptics can digitize existing data, create effective organizational solutions for the future, and lay the groundwork for AI-driven data analytics.

How the Scanoptics Process Works

Scanoptics maintains a global network of processing facilities that run state-of-the-art document scanning and storage processes. The easy.forward™ program can automatically handle the rote, repetitive work of digitization and storage as well. Beyond a quick, efficient digitization process, Scanoptics utilizes machine learning-driven data capture and human organizational work in close cooperation with partners. The end result is a system that’s tailored to the client and works well to suit their needs.

The Potential of Intelligent Data Management in HR

Basic, yet valuable benefits of intelligent data management include vast time savings and improved efficiency. Since your personnel are free from the repetitive busywork that automation is better suited to handling, they’ll be able to work much more efficiently. Beyond this, intelligent data management has great potential for many HR-specific applications.

Fight Discrimination

Traditional data analysis has always been limited by the biases of those doing the analysis. While this obstacle will never be entirely gone, the potential for deeper data analytics via Scanoptics’ services makes it easier to combat. By incorporating AI and automated processes, it can become possible to detect suspicious trends and evidence of discriminatory action. Since HR staff won’t have their time consumed with basic work of detecting these trends, they’ll have more time and energy to investigate the issues that the data indicates.

Refine Recruitment

It can be difficult to tell what makes for the right hire in your business. However, intelligent data management can illustrate the trends and characteristics that lead to someone succeeding in your organization. This enhanced understanding of who the ideal hire is can be a boon to recruitment, as hiring authorities will know exactly what to look for in potential hires.

Employee Engagement Analysis

No one is entirely honest in personality quizzes and the like, which is something that the designers of these quizzes keep in mind. One advantage of intelligent data management in HR is that it can utilize microtrends and information to reveal what employees really feel. Productivity, clock-in/clock-out trends, word choice in emails, all these things amount to a wealth of data that can give HR deep insight.

Talent Retention

Talent retention is one of the most important priorities of any HR department. One benefit of the aforementioned deep insights is that human resources can use them to identify the signs that an employee is going to leave. Once data has pointed out the trends that lead to turnover, HR will be able to begin acting proactively to prevent it.

Data-Powered Human Resources

The Scanoptics team is always ready to answer questions and help introduce a new client to the potential of data. If you’re interested in adopting digitization and intelligent data management to your HR operations, get in touch.

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