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How Document Scanning Can Help You Scale Your Business

You can scale your business and support flexible work models when you use document scanning services to switch to digital document management.

Although hybrid and remote working models initially rose to a position of popularity due to necessity during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, these nontraditional work models have remained popular on their own merit. As of June 2022, 87% of people work flexibly when given the opportunity. As a result, companies with flexible and hybrid work structures are often paying for sizable corporate offices that can comfortably accommodate their entire staff when only a small portion of employees are present in person on any given day.

Businesses now have the option to downsize or eliminate their in-person offices to adapt to these shifting norms, but many are facing an obstacle in the form of their files. Heavy-duty metal filing cabinets filled to capacity with paper documents were once the standard for storing important business information. Now, it’s often hard to know what files are even in the cabinets, if they’re important, or if anyone might need to refer to them in the future.

How to Handle Physical Files When Relocating

Companies looking to relocate to a smaller office have to decide what to do with all of their paper files. Do they throw them away? Do they deal with the hassle of moving the files to the new office and allow the filing cabinets to take up some of their limited space? Do they divert significant time and manpower to have staff sort through all of the documents?

Document Scanning & Digitization Services

For most businesses, the best solution is to invest in outsourced document scanning services. With document scanning and digitization services, you hand off all of your hardcopy documents to the professionals, explain any relevant project requirements, and let them do the rest. Your scanning partner will utilize industrial scanners to read and index the contents of your company’s files, validate the data and check for accuracy, and then integrate the newly digitized files into the digital document management system of your choice. By digitizing your documents, you can access a wide variety of business benefits that not only make it easier to move offices, but to scale your business as well.

How Document Digitization Enables Businesses to Grow

Although the relationship between the way your company manages its files and the scalability of the business may not be immediately clear, it’s very real. By converting your files to a digital format, you can unlock advantages that will help you to scale your business.

Improved Productivity Results in Increased Revenue

Making all company documents remotely accessible in a digital system with intelligent search functionality does wonders for employee productivity. When you’ve invested in document digitization and a digital document management system, your employees can quickly and easily locate the information they need to perform their duties. This results in improved productivity and faster customer service, both of which can have a material positive impact on revenue and support business growth.

Digital Documents Reduce Overhead

One of the ways in which document conversion can be most instrumental in scaling a business is by lowering overhead costs. Utilizing paper filing systems and managing physical documents can be incredibly expensive. By comparison, digital files require very little upkeep. For businesses that are paying for a bigger office space to house their many large filing cabinets, converting documents to a digital format means that they no longer have to pay that expensive rent. Instead, that money can be put back into the business to support growth initiatives. For companies looking to expand to other locations, document digitization enables them to pay rent on two office spaces with the same amount of money that they’d previously used to pay for just one office.

Flexible Work Models Expand Your Hiring Options

When you digitize your company’s documents, you empower your employees to successfully work remotely by ensuring they can access the information they need in order to perform their roles from any location. For businesses looking to scale, this can be a huge advantage because it allows for remote employees to be hired. By digitizing your documents and embracing a remote, hybrid, or other flexible work model, you’re able to dramatically expand the talent pool you have access to when hiring. With this widened pool, you can find qualified people to grow your team with greater speed and ease.

How Scan-Optics Can Help

Scan-Optics is a leading provider of digital transformation services with over 50 years of industry experience. Our 32,000-square-foot facility has the capacity to scan over four million pages of documentation per day. Our AI-powered easy.forward™ technology scans and interprets documents with 99.9% accuracy. If you’re interested in leveraging our document scanning services, contact us today to speak to a digitization expert.

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