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How Digital Transformation Makes Working From Home Easy

These three digital transformation strategies will make working from home easy.

The transition from working in an office to working from home can be difficult. You don’t have the environment you’re used to or any of the typical in-office resources. When you work from home, all of the resources available to you are technological—and you need more than just your laptop if you want to succeed in a remote work environment. In order to bring the benefits of in-office work into your home office, your organization will need to digitally transform. By leveraging the following digital transformation strategies, you can make working from home easy.

Digital Documents

When you work remotely, you don’t have access to the office filing cabinets and their contents unless they’ve been transferred into a digital system. One handy digitization method is document scanning, which involves digitizing records and creating digital storage capabilities. With connected workflows mapping newly digitized records to your preferred technology like SaaS-based applications, you can experience newfound speed and efficiency when conducting business. This makes searching for information incredibly easy and ensures everyone in your company has access to all important documentation from anywhere.

With a digital database of company documents, you’ll be even more efficient than you were in the office; 54% of American professionals report that they waste significant time every day searching for important documents. An easily searchable database eliminates that issue.

Digital Mailroom

One of the major logistical difficulties for companies transitioning to either a hybrid or fully remote work environment is the issue of mail. It’s critical for workers to be able to access their mail, but working remotely can severely limit employees’ access. Standard methods of mail distribution within a company are slow and unsecured.

With a digital mailroom, lack of access to physical mail is not an issue. Your mail is sorted, scanned, and validated for you. It’s then securely distributed to your inbox for quick and easy access. You can have your mail and emails stored in one secure digital location. When you rely on a digital mailroom, you don’t have to worry about missing important correspondence or receiving information on a delay.

Automated Onboarding

Many remote companies struggle to find their footing when it comes to onboarding and training new employees. Onboarding can be standardized and streamlined under digital transformation thanks to robotic process automation (RPA). Robotic process automation is the use of software robots to complete tasks that otherwise would be performed manually by a human employee.

With RPA, you can automate the onboarding process, virtually eliminating the risk of human error, and assuring a consistent experience for new hires. Welcome emails, onboarding paperwork, and virtual training can all be seamlessly executed without taking time out of existing employees’ schedules. This has incredible benefits for remote companies that need to onboard employees from around the country or the world. A positive onboarding experience can improve employee retention rates, which is of particularly critical significance due to the current labor shortage.

Your Digital Transformation Can Start Today

If you’re interested in implementing any of these digital transformation strategies to optimize your business, contact our team of digitization experts here at Scan-Optics to get started.

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