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How Colleges Can Manage Student Documents Safely and Securely

The easy.forward™ Intelligent Data Management platform provided by our team can integrate with any existing systems and processes.

The process of pursuing higher education is an extremely stressful one. Students tend to send out multiple applications to various schools, each one containing all the Personally Identifiable Information that must be protected without failure.


Even after the acceptance process is complete, every semester is rife with forms and applications to grants, study programs and specialized schools within the same university. From there, student records are kept and updated regularly meaning that access can be just as important as security as even the most well-guarded information is worthless once outdated.

Scanning, Storage and Management for All Forms and Documents

Whether it’s received through mail, fax or digital transmission, our easy.forward™ Intelligent Data Management system is able to scan, index and organize all styles of forms and applications. It uses advanced technology and machine learning to extract from documents and quickly learns the differences between even the most similarly styled form.

As such, your school will be supported even if you have hundreds of various forms and documents being processed.

Protecting the Data of Our Future

Scan-Optics is comprised of some of the most brilliant minds that went through the education and learning process during one of the largest technological expanses ever seen. We leverage this unique perspective and appreciation of evolving technology to make sure that each student’s academic career is never in jeopardy due to mismanaged documents.

Thanks to our easy.forward™ Intelligent Data Management platform, all scanned documents are hosted on a secured cloud server with the originals kept by you or stored within our access-restricted document retention facility. Transfers of scanned documents to your school’s systems is done on a set schedule through a VPN to keep each file secure during transit.

Should the physical documents no longer be needed, we provide full and total destruction to comply with regulations surrounding how long a student’s documents can be kept whether that means physical or digital destruction.

Removing Data Management from Your To-Do List

Taking full advantage of our easy.forward™ technology means that our Intelligent Data Management system learns and adapts as more and more work is completed. You’ll be able to focus on the parts of your job that need a human and creative touch as much of academia does.

Our advanced technology automates the sorting and verification of documents meaning the only work needed will be the manual processing required by your school’s policies. On top of this, you’ll be able to work with our team to create unique access protocols that dictate who is allowed to access any specific document or type of form.

Tickets submitted for issues with access or requesting document copies will be reduced and possibly eliminated depending on your needs. Creating more access to low-risk promotes self-service methods amongst students and faculty.

Scan-Optics Brings the Technology to You

The easy.forward™ Intelligent Data Management platform provided by our team can integrate with any existing systems and processes. Bringing life back into how documents are processed and recorded at your school can save you thousands on a full rework and new data structure being built with your network.

We’ve done the research, testing and engineering to make document management technology as accessible as possible. Our goal is to put as many educators and administrators in a position of power to provide the best education to students with the time, energy and money saved through our platform.

Contact us today to learn more.

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