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How Document Scanning & Archiving Services Can Better Your Bottom Line

Earn lower overhead and higher profits for your business with document scanning and archiving services. Explore document scanning solutions at Scan-Optics.

Did you know that engaging professional document scanning and archiving services can lower your business’s overhead costs and increase profits? Using document conversion services supports the transition to an intelligent digital document management system, which in turn helps you to achieve a variety of financial and operational benefits. Here are four ways that investing in document scanning and archiving services can improve your bottom line.

Eliminate Paper and Storage Expenses

Think about how much money your company spends on supplying printer paper, maintaining printers and fax machines, and purchasing related supplies. Prior to digitizing, most companies had substantial budgets dedicated to supporting their paper processes, much of which ultimately goes to waste. 30% of workplace print jobs are never retrieved from the printer, so it’s no surprise that 70% of all office waste is paper. When you leverage document scanning and archiving services, you waste less paper and less money.


On top of the savings from that waste reduction, engaging document conversion services also facilitate the reduction of expenses related to filing and storage. Filing cabinets occupy a significant amount of space—sometimes even an entire room—which can force companies with analog paper systems to pay higher rent for an office with sufficient storage space. You may even have employees specifically dedicated to managing your hardcopy filing systems. Document conversion and digital document management free you to eliminate redundancy and optimize your payroll. All around, document scanning and archiving services help cut down on costs.

Profit from Improved Productivity

Imagine how much you could increase your revenue if all of your employees worked an extra 2–3 hours per day. Reports estimate that between 1.8 and 3.6 hours of an employee’s typical workday is wasted simply searching for the information they need to perform their job duties. When you leverage document scanning and archiving services, you unlock the opportunity to leverage the efficiency benefits of digital document management.


Intelligent digital document management systems automatically interpret, categorize, and index your converted files. Your system will upload them to the appropriate folders with the correct naming conventions, process data in real time, and support file recovery. These systems also have intelligent search capabilities that allow you to quickly and easily find the exact file that you need. When you convert your paper documents, they can be easily integrated into your new system. Employees can cut down on their wasted time to focus more on tasks that generate revenue for the company.

Achieve Greater Customer Satisfaction

When you run a business, you know how vital things like word-of-mouth marketing and online reviews can be. Providing high-quality customer service is imperative for far more than just retaining customers and building brand loyalty. Good service is also crucial to get those loyal customers to write 5-star reviews and send referrals to your business—ultimately earning you new business and generating more revenue.


With digitized documents and intelligent search functionality, your staff will be able to respond more quickly to customer requests and inquiries with a greater amount of information in a shorter period of time. Cutting down on those processing and response times can make an enormous positive impact on the customer experience, your company’s reputation, and—consequently—your revenue.

HR Process Efficiency and Reduced Hiring Costs

One department that stands to benefit the most from document scanning and archiving services is HR. Digitizing HR documentation provides easier access to personnel files and improves recordkeeping. HR digitization also streamlines the talent recruitment, hiring, and onboarding processes. This can offer enormous financial value because of how expensive the hiring process can be—and the less efficient hiring is, the more it costs.


On average, hiring a new employee costs $4,000, which means that high attrition rates amount to substantial financial losses. Conversely, a positive onboarding experience improves new hire retention by 82%. Document digitization helps improve onboarding processes, reduce attrition, save you money, and reduce administrative blocks for your HR department.

Partner with Trusted Digital Transformation Experts

Scan-Optics provides document scanning and archiving services that support digitization initiatives. We help customers energize their data through our easy.forward™ platform. This proprietary platform helps promote speed, efficiency, and data transparency within a customer’s work environment. Our team of experts provides decades of experience crafting and implementing customized digital transformation strategies.

If you’re interested in leveraging our digital document conversion, archiving, and management solutions to improve business processes, you can contact us today for a free consultation.

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