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5 Tips for Outsourcing Digital Mailroom Services

Scan-Optics Can Help Manage Your Mail Remotely Through Our Digital Mailroom Services. Find Out How You Can Enjoy a More Secure, Efficient, Digital Workplace.

Digital mailroom services have revolutionized an industry that has been unchanged for many years. Companies now have an efficient solution for handling the massive amounts of mail and data coming into their organization every day. If you’re ready to outsource your digital mailroom services, here are five tips to remember when selecting a vendor.

1. Focus on Security

Outsourcing your digital mailroom means giving a third-party access to all your company documents. This includes confidential data about your company, your employees, and your customers. As a result, you’ll want to choose a digital mailroom services company that offers complete data protection and has a process for securing important documents.

Scanoptics prides itself in offering secure cloud storage of all data. Any documents that contain sensitive material or personal information will be digitally secured. Only the appropriate recipients will then be able to access the information.

2. Costs

It’s important you conduct a cost-analysis of the digital mailroom services to determine if you truly need to outsource this task. If you have even one employee who spends time doing data entry, we guarantee the costs of outsourcing digital mailroom services will be worth it. Manual mail sorting often results in missing documents, late deliveries, and increased labor expenses.

Simply put, an automated system can complete this task much more quickly and efficiently than a person ever could. This frees up your employees’ time to work on tasks that help grow your business.

You can reach out to Scanoptics for a quote on our services. Scanoptics offers an affordable digital mailroom service that will improve your business operations overall.

3. Partial vs. Full Mailroom Services

It’s important to remember that you don’t have to outsource your entire digital mailroom to your vendor. Discuss with your legal team and get an understanding if there are parts of your mailroom you’ll want to exclude from your digital mailroom services. It’s ultimately up to you if you sign up for partial or complete mailroom services.

4. Look For Additional Benefits

The digital mailroom service industry is booming. As a result, there are many vendors to choose from. It’s essential to do your research and find a digital mailroom service that offers you all the benefits you need.

Scanoptics is a leader in the digital mailroom industry thanks to our AI solution known as easy.forward™. The easy.forward™ Intelligent Data Management solution recognizes and authenticates your data with 99.9% accuracy. And, the software continuously learns and improves over time, so your data processing stays as accurate and efficient as possible.

5. Allow For Global Accessibility

The modern workforce is scattered, with many organizations having offices in different states, countries, and time zones. A digital mailroom service allows your employees to access the critical documents they need from anywhere. To ensure you truly reap the benefits of this, make sure you understand how easily you can access your documents with your new digital mailroom service vendor. You don’t want your employees to struggle to get their work documents when they need it.

With Scanoptics, employees worldwide can access their documents without the hassle of installing or updating software onto their individual computers. We make it as easy as possible!

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